David Adelstein is a music industry veteran. He’s toured with well-known artists and bands, has written hundreds of songs, recorded nineteen albums, composed music for commercials and industrial films, and has appeared in television and music videos. David has also worked on his own as a pop, rock, and rhythm & blues balladeer. His forté is performing at weddings and other special events as a DJ and emcee.

Early in his career, one of David’s songs reached number 26 on the Billboard charts. Another, sung by Robbie Patton and Stevie Nicks, climbed to number 44. During that time David played keyboards and sang with Patton, Nicks, Bob Welch and Santana. He also toured with Welch, Danny Douma, The Spencer Davis Group and Rick Springfield.

David wrote the musical scores for Bugle Boy and Gloria Marshall Figure Salon commercial and a Mazda industrial promotion. He even did sidelining work on Whitney Houston’s Diet Coke commercial.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Milt (Rogers) Adelstein, a professional musician and an A&R executive at DOT Records, David began playing professionally at age 15. Then with his band, Indigo, they toured the military bases of Southern California, played high school dances as well as private parties throughout the San Fernando Valley. By 19, David joined up with a band playing the Holiday Inn circuit of California. A year later, David was offered an opportunity to play up in Alaska during the height of the Alaskan pipeline construction. The band toured the summer of 1975 in Fairbanks and Anchorage. By popular demand the band returned to Fairbanks the following spring. The mid-seventies also saw David performing with a 7-Piece disco dance band, Giant City, at places like the Basement in Marina Del Rey.

Then in 1977 came the big audition – the big break. David was offered the spot of playing keyboards and background vocals for Bob Welch, formerly of Fleetwood Mac (from 1971-1974), who was then releasing his first solo album, French Kiss. David went on tour with Welch in 1978 and 1979 and recorded on 5 of Bob Welch’s albums. Bob also recorded one of David’s solo compositions, “Don’t Let Me Fall”, from The Other One album as well as collaborating on another song with Welch’s group. The Fleetwood Mac connection led David working with Stevie Nicks on her first solo album, Belladonna as well as tracks for the movie Heavy Metal.

Through Fleetwood Mac, Ms. Nicks and friend, Curry Grant, David was introduced to Robbie Patton, a very successful songwriter. David and Robbie began a songwriting partnership that eventually won the heart of Christine McVie, who with Ken Caillat co-produced Robbie Patton’s album. From that album, “Don’t Give It Up” was released as a single and the Patton/Adelstein composition headed up the Billboard charts to number 26. Another album and another Patton/Adelstein song, “Smiling Islands” headed up the charts to 44 and featured the voice of Stevie Nicks on the third verse. All during this time, David was recording on albums for many up and coming bands.

In 1983, David was offered the position of playing second keyboards, sax and background vocals for Rick Springfield on his Living In Oz tour. Later on he toured with the Spencer Davis Group in Australia. While in town, in between tours, David concentrated his efforts at songwriting, composing music for commercials and industrial films, and more studio recording including Santana. David was also seen appearing on television, Midnight Special, Solid Gold and The Merv Griffin Show, in music videos for Bob Welch, Rich Springfield and others and in a TV commercial featuring Whitney Houston.

But most of all, David began going back to his roots as a keyboard musician and vocalist. The private event business was reemerging. David began including DJ/MC services in the mid eighties in addition to his live music services. Those that have worked with him know his attention to detail and his dedication at being the very best. David and his company, Adel Music & Entertainment, have a goal for each and every event – making the occasion one that will bring smiles and the fondest memories to everyone.